Month: January 2020

University Darts UK

Target UDUK – Big Weekender 2020 – Tickets!

Its finally here! The announcement you have all been waiting for! Tickets are being handled via the UDUK Website this year and this will hopefully simplify things slightly and allow us to quicker address any issues that may crop up.It will also allow you to buy tickets in bulk and fill out ticket infomation for…
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Big Weekender Updates

Just a quick update to answer some questions. TicketsTickets will become available for purchase at some point this week! Fantasy FootballIt was announced that the leader of the UDUK tantasy football league will get a free ticket to Big Weekender. We can now clarify that not withstanding the exact date of tickets going on sale,…
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Announcements – January

Hello Everyone. Once again it is time for the main update wave with the latest news out on events. I hope last weeks admittedly very rushed early update answered a few of the burning questions people had but today we have the main announcements. Rileys Qualifying Events The next qualifiing events for the Rileys University…
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Early 2020 Updates

There will probably be a the usual announcement messeges with more infomation next week sometime but I wanted to do an additional post now to review feedback received in the December feedback form and to also to give some BW infomation. League Eligibility There has been mixed feedback about the changes to league eligibility this…
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