Rules and Regulations

University Darts UK

The following rules and regulations documentation covers various aspects of university darts and what is expected of players.

Main Rules and Regualations Document
Appendix A – Accessibility and Inclusivity Statement
Appendix B – Data Protection Statement
Appendix C – Finance and Governance Regulations

“Regulation 5.1 – Handshake” Rule Relaxation

This regulation is currently a recommendation however we do understand that some people will still be uneasy with handshakes, so please don’t be offended if someone does not wish to take your handshake. Please just state what you are comfortable with be that a fist bump, elbow tap or just a thumbs up. As long as there is politeness, and, the spirit of the handshake before and after games is maintained, we will not mind. Please just be mindful that everyone will have their own line and we should all do our best to respect that.

General Playing Rules
UDUK Events and leagues operate under the general rules provided by the DRA Rule book unless otherwise specified.

The Rulebook can be found on the DRA website:
It is available in English, German and Dutch.