Annoucements – Month 1

University Darts UK

Annoucements – Month 1

So its been about a month since the new committee took office and we have been working on rebuilding the basic framework that UDUK sits on and we now have a few annoucements to make.

Affiliation System

The new multi tiered affiliation system is replacing league entrance fees and is designed to help all clubs/societies feel a part of UDUK no matter their size or location.
Universities that buy into the new affiliation system will get a brand new range of benifits from our sponsor and other affiliated companies. We already have a few companies including our partner sponsor Target on board and we have a few more in negotiation. The details on how to take advantage of these deals will be forwarded to members upon joining. For a current list of companies that we are working with please visit the sponsorship page of the website.

There will be a larger up front cost then in previous years but will work out to be cheaper over the year. This will allow you to not have to worry about finding team event funding later in the year which is something some clubs have mentioned.
These funds will be used to cover basic running costs of UDUK and then any remaining funds will be put toward Events or otherwise reinvested into University Darts.

Associate Member

Designed for universities that are outside the current league areas but still want to be a part of the national system

Cost: £30/year
1 Team Entry to national team event*

Standard Member

Designed for the smaller universities that are inside the league areas

Cost: £50/year
1 League Team Entry
1 Team Entry to national team event*

Full Member

Designed for the larger universities with multiple teams

Cost: £85/year
2 League Teams Entry**
2 Teams Entry to national team event*

**Additional League teams available at £10 per team subject to committee approval

*Additional national event teams will be handled closer to the time of the event.

There will be a google form to apply for membership that will be released shortly. If you need to defer payment until your funding is unlocked that can be arranged and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Rules and Regulations

UDUK now officially follows the general playing rules set out by the DRA Rulebook available on their website. There will be some allowances and these will be described in the rules and regulations document found on our website along with various other proceedures. Please contact the committee if you have any questions about rules or their implementation.

Player Registration

A new player registration sysem will come into effect to allow us to comfirm student status. League teams may play a non-registered player but they must register within 7 days of the match.
More info on this is available in the rules and regulations document.
There will be a future annoucement on the specifics of this system and it will be available before the start of the league season.


To clarify if there is any doubt: League play will be students only this season. Alumni will no longer be able to take part.

The leagues will be annouced once we have comfirmed the teams taking part this season, However there is not likely to be any changes in team zones. Once the leagues are announced the league secretaries will handle fixtures.
Please make sure your venues are complaint with the new minimum standard of facilities requirements found in the rules and regluations document. It is also explained what should be done in the case you arrive at inappropriate facilities.

Online Resources

We are working on some resources that can be of help to clubs/societies that are less established and even those that are well established might be able to get something from them. This will include such things as a Freshers Fair guide. Please keep an eye out for these and if you have any suggestions then please let us know.

Diary Dates

We expect dates for NUDL Weekend and SUDL Singles to be released soon but for now we can say that they are targeted to be before Christmas.
Big Weekender infomation will follow later in the year.

Club TODO List

  • Decide which level of membership is correct for your university and apply.
  • Comfirm that your home league venue meets the new requirements.
  • Have a read through the new documentation so you are aware of any new rules/regulations/proceedures.

Please see:
For a rule extention allowing staff to play in the league