Announcements – August 2021

University Darts UK

Announcements – August 2021

There have been no news articles for a couple of months but be assured we are still here and prepping for the next season. Please read through and make sure you are up to date with the plans moving forward.

End of 20/21 Season

As we are now at the end of the season we would like to thank everyone that has participated in the online events this season and Special thanks to Simon Rimington for running several events.

We would also like to thank those who registered as players this season. As per out data protection statement we will be deleting all of the personal information provided to us this season. Please see below for information on registering for the new season. Please note that some statistical information is retained for our records but nothing personalized. If you would like more information on this then you can contact us by the usual means.

Start of the 21/22 Season

We hope to return to a full calendar of events in 21/22 but only if it is safe to do so. Please remember that planned events will be subject to change if government advice changes.

Club Affiliations

Could the president/chairperson of each club please fill out THIS FORM (Open Now)
If after you have filled out this form you feel something has changed then please get in contact ASAP.
You will be contacted shortly after to review your application and decide which membership level is correct for your situation.

With regard to affiliation fees. there was no fees charged in 20/21 as we had to cut short the 19/20 season and also were not sure what kind of service we could provide in 20/21 which as you know was limited to some online events. Now that we are sure that leagues will return in 21/22 we feel it is right for us to bring affiliations fees back for this season to ensure that UDUK’s overhead costs are covered along with the costs of various trophies.

We do also understand that many clubs are in the process of rebuilding after a long period of little to no recruitment. for this reason we have decided to do what we can to lower the costs to the clubs where possible.

Therefore we would like to announce the membership levels for this year:

Associate Member

Designed for universities that are outside the current league areas but still want to be a part of the national system

Cost: £TBD/year

Standard Member

Designed for the smaller universities that are inside the league areas

Cost: £TBD /year
1 League Team Entry

Full Member

Designed for the larger universities with multiple teams

Cost: £TBD /year
2 League Teams Entry*

*Additional League teams available at £TBD per team subject to committee approval

These costs whilst still TBD are expected to be lower previously and also are not including team event entry into a national level event which has been done previously. This is in effort to not over promise in a world that is still in uncertain times and if we have to impose any limits on events would put us in a difficult position.

Costs will be discussed with presidents/chairpersons as soon as we know where they are going to land. We will also make sure they are announced publicly.

Student Players

Player Registration for active students will become available in the next few weeks.
Please review the requirements carefully when submitting your status evidence. It will change slightly depending on your university but we will try and make it as painless as possible. You will be contacted if there is a problem with your registration. Remember you MUST be registered to play in league matches and events.


League divisions will be drawn up once we know which universities and how many teams will be joining us this season. We will be gathering this information as part of the above affiliation process.

Events in 21/22

We hope to host the Northern University Championships in November. This will be open to all universities but will be located in the north of England. Similarly we will look to host the Southern University Championships in March in the South of England. More about these events will be revealed closer to the times.

Alumni in 21/22

We have previously announced: We have been moving to focus more on student only events whilst still keeping alumni involved as specific events. However due to the situation over the last 2 seasons we are considering allowing more alumni involved events this season. We understand that Uni darts is a big part of peoples time at Uni and they feel like they have missed out and we would like to help them round off their student experience. We HAVE NOT decided if/how this will work but we are considering our options.
Alumni that want to participate in events this season should register using a form that will become available in the next few weeks


If you are able to resume darts at your university then remember there is a temporary changes to our regulations.

“Regulation 5.1 – Handshake” Remains suspended at this time
Our recommended replacement practice is a polite thumbs up at the beginning and end of matches.

This will be reviewed again before leagues start.

Our full rules and regulations can be found HERE

Social Media Channels

We aim to keep all information on this website up to date but it is also a good idea to follow our social media channels
Facebook – Leagues


These are stressful and trying timings for everyone, through the wonders of technology we are still able to talk to each other and some of us even play the sport we love. However, if you are struggling, please remember that most university welfare teams are still running, and, you can reach out to them to talk. If you want to speak to someone outside of the university networks, then there is also the Samaritans, who can be reached on 116 123.


As usual if you have any questions or are looking for support with any issues involving university darts then please reach out to the UDUK Committe and we will do what we can to help.