Announcements – January 2022

University Darts UK

Announcements – January 2022

21/22 UK Universities Darts League

The Fixtures for term 2 have been released on League Republic. We have tried to take into account differing term times and exam periods but if you need to reschedule games to better fit your calandar then please do so and just keep us informed of your plans

A reminder that any A vs B (vs C) games should be played early this term. Ideally first but max second fixture of the term. This is to prevent any allegations of result fixing in the case of a tight table

Finals Day announcement should hopefuly come soon we are waiting a comfirmation from a venue.

**EDIT 1 day after article published**
League Finals Day is now organised and infomation is available HERE.

Target Southern University Darts Championships

We are in advanced talks with a potential host for this event howver due to the current climate and unknown futures alot of venues and companies are not willing to commit to many events currently as they are affraid of cancellations.

This leaves us with the problem of not getting a comfirmation until we are at too short notice for people to plan to come. This is largely beyond our control. we will try and balance between the rock and a hard place.

More infomation for this event should hopefully be available within the next couple of weeks

This event whilst hosted in the south will still be open to all universities.

New Committee Member

We welcome John Sutherland of Dundee University to the UDUK Committee in the position of “Scottish University Darts Coordinator”. He will be helping us build a stronger university darts community in Scotland which we would like to be fully intergrated with the rest of the UK but with travel often being an issue it has been hard to get going.

He will be taking point on the on the ground organising a new event we are happy to announce below.

Target Scottish University Darts Championships

We would long term like to get a league division in Scotland and had hoped to launch a team cup this season to build towards this goal but not enough universities would be able to commit to having teams. However we are happy to announce a singles event taking place in Dundee with John taking lead and with the support of others from the darts club at Dundee University Darts Club.

The planned date of this event is Saturday 19th February 2022
The venue is: Shotz Pool and Snooker Hall, Dundee
More details will be released very soon and we hope to have tickets available within the next week or two. The latest details will always be available on its new EVENT PAGE of the UDUK website so please check back there for updates. Notice of bigger updates will usually be posted to our social media channels.

Places will be booked via the UDUK online shop once we are ready for tickets to go live.

Whilst this event is focused upon building the community for university darts in Scotland if people from other nations within the UK wish to travel to take part this will be allowed unless we have to limit places in which case priotity will be given to Scottish university students. If you are considering attending this event from outside of scotland then please get in contact with John or MK before making concrete plans just to be sure.

The eligibility criteria for this event will mirror that of other student events and leagues this year meaning current students and 1-year alumni (meaning they met the student requirements in the 20/21 academic year)

You will also need to be a registered Student Player or Registered Alumni player (1 year) with UDUK so we can comfirm your status.
Current Students/Staff Register HERE
Alumni Register HERE

COVID-19 Regulations

Current regulations would seem to not effect University Darts at this time and we see no reason to suspend Events and Leagues at this stage. However we do encourage an abundance of caution whilst paricipating at this time.

Should restrictions tighten up we will consider taking action if necessary

Please make sure you keep up to date on restrictions and how they apply to you as they are constantly changing during this difficult time

Please Ensure you follow all regulations when participating in Darts events including but not limited to:
National Regulations
Local Regulations
University Regulations
Venue Regulations

“UDUK Regulation 5.1 – Handshake” remains suspended at this time.
This will be reviewed again in the future.


Please check over the rules and regulations to refresh your memory and make sure those that are new have a look through, too.

Please also make sure your league venue meets our requirements.

NB: If your venue has any specific requirements (e.g. Mask whilst playing) then please make sure any visiting team are aware of such regulations a reasonable amount of time before a match.

“Regulation 5.1 – Handshake” Rule Relaxation

This regulation is currently a recommendation however we do understand that some people will still be uneasy with handshakes, so please don’t be offended if someone does not wish to take your handshake. Please just state what you are comfortable with be that a fist bump, elbow tap or just a thumbs up. As long as there is politeness, and, the spirit of the handshake before and after games is maintained, we will not mind. Please just be mindful that everyone will have their own line and we should all do our best to respect that.

This will be reviewed again in the future.

Our full rules and regulations can be found HERE

UDUK Committee Openings

We are likely going to have various openings in the UDUK committee in the near future, If you would like to get more involved with University Darts on a national level and help out then please reach out to us and let us know what kind of things you would be interested in helping with.

Social Media Channels

We aim to keep all information on this website up to date, but it is also a good idea to follow our social media channels:
Facebook – Leagues


As usual if you have any questions or are looking for support with any issues involving university darts then please reach out to the UDUK Committe and we will do what we can to help.