Announcements – January

University Darts UK

Announcements – January

Hello Everyone. Once again it is time for the main update wave with the latest news out on events.

I hope last weeks admittedly very rushed early update answered a few of the burning questions people had but today we have the main announcements.

Rileys Qualifying Events

The next qualifiing events for the Rileys University Cup are coming up soon. Make sure you try to get to your closest one to be in for a chance of qualifiing for the Finals Night.
Liverpool – 26th Jan
London, Victoria – 1st Feb
Coventry – 2nd Feb
Sheffield – 9th Feb

Infomation for each event including the timings is on the main website page and also on the FB events for each individual qualifing event.

Target Special Offers

For registered players that opted into the Target Datashare, you should be receiving contact soon. Apologies for the delay in this.

Big Weekender

The latest news about Big Weekender will usually be available HERE. However there will also usually be some kind of announcement for major updates.

The student team event can only be played in by current active registered students.
The community events can be played in by registered Current Students/Staff/Alumni that have participated in events since UDUK Singles 09/10 (The first one).

Student/Staff Registration Form – HERE
Alumni Registration From – HERE

Ticket Schedule
The goal is to have the following aproximate ticket schedule
Febuary 1st-29th* – Early Bird Ticket Sales
March 1st-16th* – General Ticket Sales
*Subject to change

When moving from early bird to general sales there will be a price increase. This is mostly to encourage earlier ticket sales to allow us to have a better idea of numbers ahead of time.

Ticket Price
With the weekender increasing in length to include another day and also general inflation. Costs have obviously gone up so tickets will be more espensive then last year. We are currently polling member clubs/societies to find out what people would like to prioritise in the battle of:
Ticket Price vs Prize Fund
This will allow us to set a ticket price in acordence with estimates targeting what people want. Presidents have been sent the form for this poll.

We hope to have some additional options available on the ticket for an added cost such as Inclusion in the High Check Prize Pot** for Community Singles and the ability to buy a charity badge which will then be available to collect upon registration.

**High check fund to be paid out along with other prize money instead of in cash this year.

Team Tickets

More infomation about team tickets will be made available soon. Currently we are checking which universities are claiming their guaranteed spots from their membership for the Student Team Event.
Teams currently regiestered for this are:
Hallam A
Hallam B
Bristol A
Hull A
Manchester A
York A
York B
Loughborough A
Loughborough B
Exeter A
Lancaster A
Lancaster B
Dundee A

The form to claim teams has been sent out to club/society presidents.

There are also some requests for additional teams. Once we have heard back from all universities or the Deadline of 27th January. we will make extra team slots available.
We will then begin the process of allocating team slots for the community team event.

Non member Univerisies should contact the committee to organise team slots.

Raffle Prizes
As usual we will be looking to run a raffle at Big Weekender. No doubt it will include various items from our sponsors. however if you have something you would like to donate for a prize then please get in touch with the committee.

A reminder that UDUK will not be providing accommodation for the big weekender and this is something you must organise yourself. DO NOT try and sleep around the york campus without permission. If this happens you will likely be removed by campus security and then disqualified from further participation in the event.

We Strongly advise you look into booking accommodation as early as possible. This will help reduce the cost. We have no outright recomendations of any location over another however there are a variety of hotels and hostels available in the york area.

Commitee Contact

As always, if you are having any issues in university darts then please contact the committee and we will do our best to help you out.