Announcements – July 2020

University Darts UK

Announcements – July 2020

Ok so now we are in July and its time for the news. Unfortunately this month comes the time where we have to make some hard decisions about events.

Big Weekender 19/20

With a heavy heart we must imform you that this event will not be taking place. This is obviously due to the ongoing health pandemic. There is no chance that we will be able to organise and run an event of this magnitude this season.

Rileys University Cup 19/20

We have decided that the finals of this event will not take place. This is instead of delaying and delaying the event. We want to close the book and get ready to restart in the future. The prize pot has been split between the qualifiers.

We have spoken to Rileys and we both want this event to return as soon as possible in the new season but we will have to see how things go other the coming months.

University Darts Leagues 19/20

NUDL League finals day will no longer take place. This is because there even if we could host an event by the end of the season it would be unlikely people would be able to attend. Therefore there will be no playoff this season.

SUDL league that was largely unfinished and was postponed is now voided for this season.

University Darts Leagues 20/21

We have decided to follow the example set by BUCS and opt to announce now that leagues will not start in Term 1. We instead hope to start a league in January, To account for the reduced timetable this may be a reduced league with teams only meeting once and home/away matches evenly split. However this will be taken care of when we know more about what we can do.

Large Events in 20/21

The Regional events and National event in 20/21 have some planning and ideas going into them but there is a great deal of unknowns currently for obvious reasons and more infomation will become available as soon as we have something concrete.

Committee Reshuffle

We are having some minor changes to the UDUK Committee.
KC Dymond (Former Lancaster President) will be taking on the role of media/social media.
We will be releasing the league secs as most of them are moving on and also with the unknown status of leagues we feel it is best to do this for now and may look at taking on new members at a later date.
Despite this, George Francis will be moving on the roll of “League Coordinator” and will be a key part of rebuilding the league system when we are able to do so.

New Presidents/Chairpersons of clubs/societies

We know that around this time of year clubs/societies are election new committees to lead them in the upcoming academic year. Please do keep us informed of who is taking over at your university or if you are at a university that is newly forming a club/society then please also reach out and let us know and we will make sure everyone remains informed of what is happening for next academic year!


These are stressful and trying timings for everyone, Through the wonders of technology we are still able to talk to each other and some of us even play the sport we love, However if you are stuggling then please remember that most university welfare teams are still running and you can reach out to them to talk. If you want to speak to someone outside of the university networks then there is also the Samaritans who can be reached on 116 123.


As usual if you have any questions or are looking for support with any issues involving university darts then please reach out to the UDUK Committe and we will do what we can to help.