Announcements – July 2022

University Darts UK

Announcements – July 2022

This will most likely be the last news article written by the current UDUK Committee.

It has been a blast running things at UDUK and some real progress has been made with the professionalisation of university darts. Although COVID-19 has set things back again we now have a robust inferstructure to build up from.

I would like to thank all members of the UDUK committee for their hard work and help running things. It has been a great team.

The Future

The new UDUK committee will be headed up by:
Kyle Mandell – UDUK president
and he will be asisted by:
Iwan Hughes – UDUK Vice-President

The rest of the committee will be announced in due course

This committee will officially join the current committee in the position of Incoming-President etc..
This is so they are officially on the team during handover.


The handover proceedure will take place over the next month with the new committee taking full control and the old committee leaving on 1st September 2022.

During this handover period the August News will be handled by the new team in order for them to lay out their plan and what to expect in the way of applying to join in the 22/23 season from 1-SEP.

Outstanding Business

If you have any outstanding business with UDUK then please be sure to remind us ASAP. So we can handle it before handover completes so the new team can start with a clean slate. is the best way to do this.