Announcements – March 2020

University Darts UK

Announcements – March 2020

Hi all, A little earlier then usual this month as there are a few things to go over and questions to answer in preparation for upcoming events.

Rileys University Cup

The last chance to qualify for the finals night of the Rileys University Cup is fast upcoming in Chorlton. Following the completion of this qualifing event we will also be conducting the draw for the finals night. This is intended to be live streamed.

Target University Darts Leagues

A reminder that fixtures are due to be complete by the date of Big Weekender. unless otherwise agreed with your league sec.
Please make sure that all matchsheets are forwared to the league sec after games.
NB: Please ensure that Full names are entered onto the match sheet.

Target UDUK Big Weekender

General Information
The main infomation page can be found – HERE

Ticket Deadline
We are about 10 days away from the deadline!
Ticket deadline is 23:59 on 16th March.

Format and Draw
The exact format and draw for the events will be announced aproximately a week before the event. The prize fund is also usually announced at this time.

Ladies Competition
Similar to what was done at NUDL Singles, there will be an integrated ladies competition as part of UDUK Singles. The furthest progressing 8 ladies will be entered into a seperate knockout with its final played on stage between the semis and finals of the main event.
To opt into this side event you will need to self identify as female or non-binary. Anyone that is found to be making a mockery of this system will simply be banned from the weekend. You can opt in – HERE

Saturday Afternoon Session Requests
As usual we will be offering the ability to request an afternoon session. Given that the saturday is no longer the first day of the event we will be more strict on the reasons accepted for requesting an afternoon session. There will be a limited ammount of people granted their request and this will be done on a first come first serve basis for those with accceptable reasons. The draw will happen then groups will be assigned a morning or afternoon session depending on where people on the priority list are drawn into.
This keeps the draw fair.
Form for requestion afternoon group is – HERE

Event and Player Registration
Most people have got the hang of the registration system but there are a few missing still. We are sending out email reminders. Some emails are finding their way into spam boxes so please check those to make sure you have nothing outstanding.
If you are getting emails then you are missing a form!
The player registration and event registration forms are DIFFERENT FORMS so just because you have done a form please don’t ignore any emails you receive.

We have received a few questions asking if BW is in danger from COVID-19. At current we are not concerned that it will be effected. However we will follow the advice of:
Public Health England
University of York
University of York Student Union
If anything changes we will announce as soon as possible.

Due to this ongoing issue we will be relaxing Regulation 5.1 and if people are not comfortable with physical contact at this time may refuse handshakes. Instead we recommend a polite thumbs up at the begining and end of matches.

If you feel more comftable wearing a Medical facemark then this will be allowed as it will be counted as “Medical headgear”

Need Help?

As always if you need help or have any probelms with anything surrounding university darts then please reach out to the committee and we will do our best to help you out.