Announcements – March(2) 2020

University Darts UK

Announcements – March(2) 2020

So…. yes we have already had an announcements post this month but because its a busy time we have another post!

Big Weekender Status

We have had questions from many people about the current status of Big Weekender and what is happening given the progression of the COVID-19 Concern.
Our position is currently unchanged from what is was in the article last week.
Big Weekender is currently going ahead as planned.
However, if advice from Public Health England or the Venue Changes then we may have to re-examine.

I had a meeting with the venue yesterday and we are moving forward with the event at this time. What must be understood is that whilst this is a large event for university darts it is not nessasarily a “mass gathering” Also due to the nature of the event there is a reasnable amount of distancing between people anyway. We are not a tightly packed crowd like at some other sporting events.

If there is any change to the event plan then it will be announced ASAP with all relivent information

Big Weekender – Further Information

As some of you will have seen on social media, We have arranged for the friday and saturday night to have an afterparty in York’s KUDA Nightclub. We will have wristbands for entry. These will most likely be made available during registration for singles/pairs events. We have a limited amount so whilst there should be enough for everyone we may not have spares if you loose it. You will still be able to enter the club but may have to pay an entrance fee.

The deadline for tickets is Monday 16th at 2359
The deadline for getting player and event registration done will be Thursday 19th
A live draw will likely take place Friday/Saturday 20/21. More infomation made available as we get closer.
The Exact format and prize fund is planned to be announced during the draw.
Soon after the draw is done we will announce which groups are in which session on the saturday

Player & Event Registrations

There are currently 2 people missing Player Registrations and 19 people missing event registrations. Please be sure to get them done so we are clear of your intentions. Reminder emails have been sent out if you are missing forms. Please check your spam box to be sure nothing has gotten caught up in there. If you are receivign reminder emails but think you have done the forms already then please get in contact. Do not ignore this emails!

Ladies Competition
Similar to what was done at NUDL Singles, there will be an integrated ladies competition as part of UDUK Singles. The furthest progressing 8 ladies will be entered into a seperate knockout with its final played on stage between the semis and finals of the main event.
To opt into this side event you will need to self identify as female or non-binary. Anyone that is found to be making a mockery of this system will simply be banned from the weekend. You can opt in – HERE

Saturday Afternoon Session Requests
As usual we will be offering the ability to request an afternoon session. Given that the saturday is no longer the first day of the event we will be more strict on the reasons accepted for requesting an afternoon session. There will be a limited ammount of people granted their request and this will be done on a first come first serve basis for those with accceptable reasons. The draw will happen then groups will be assigned a morning or afternoon session depending on where people on the priority list are drawn into.
This keeps the draw fair.
Form for requestion afternoon group is – HERE

Rileys University Cup – Final Qualifier

Remember tomorrow in Chorlton is the last chance to qualify for the Rileys University Cup Finals Night! Do you have what it takes to join the rest of the qualifiers? Get down to join us! see image below for more details

At the end of this qualifier the draw will be done for the finals night. The Rileys manager at Chorlton has agreed to assist with the draw and pull the numbers from the hat.
The draw will contain numbers 1-8 and each number will represent the person that qualified from that number event. These will be drawn in draw order meaning the first 2 games drawn will be the top half of the draw and the second 2 games drawn will be the bottom half of the draw

Target University Darts Leagues

We understand that different universities are imposing different restrictsions on their sports teams at this time and this may impact the league and getting fixtures done. Please let your league sec know what is happening and if any fixtures are inpacted and wont get played before the deadline.

An ideal outcome is that enough of the leagues get played so that the divisions top 2 are mathmatically decided already (Top 1 for SUDL). as this helps us move forward with the playoffs in the north and awarding the trophy in the south.

As fixtures get completed, The permutations reduce and we get infomation from different universitiest there will be further announcements made about the league and finals day.

Anything Else?

As always please contact the committee if you have any questions or need any help with anything University Darts related!