Announcements – May 2021

University Darts UK

Announcements – May 2021

20/21 Season Events

After extensive discussion and careful consideration we have reached the conclusion that a large scale event this season is not practical for a number of reasons. We were hoping to be able to schedule an event in August but we have reached the point where we really need to be deep in planning and promotion and that is just not possible in the current climate.

We may consider some smaller regional events during summer potetntially working with our friends at Rileys if it becomes practical and there is interest but there is no concrete plans at this time.

Online Events Update

Lockdown Series 2 has come to an end with the Ryan O’Connor beating Bradley Hutton 7-4 in sets.

Huge congratulations to Ryan and to Bradley for making the final.

We hope that everyone that participated enjoyed themselves and enjoyed being a part of University Darts in these interesting times.

Special Thanks to Simon Rimington who was responceible for the running of this season of the lockdown series. Continuing to show why we recognise him in our Hall of Hame for Outstanding Contribution!

21/22 Season Events and Leagues

Please note that the following is all subject to change but we feel that it is important to keep the community aware of the current plans that we have. Constructive feedback is appreciated and can be made by the usual channels.

We are planning for university darts to return in a big way in 21/22.
We are looking to host 2 large student focused events in the season along with the return of the regional leagues.
More infomation about the events will be made in the coming months.
League entry will also be handled closer to the start of the new season.

Big weekender has historically been a large alumni inclusive event. Given feedback received in recent years and how the entire darts communities calandar has evolved. We may look to moving this event to be a late summer based event. This will allow us to schedule inbetween County Darts seasons and allow us ample scheduling time to hopefully avoid any clashes with PDC Development/Challenge Tour Events.

New Committees

It is that time of year when clubs and societies look at electing their next committee, who will take on the role of leading their universities players in the next academic year. This year, it may be difficult as recruitment over the last couple of academic years for most universities has been significantly down on what would usually be expected. This however makes it all the more important that a clubs and societies get a team ready to lead things next season, when we will hopefully be running a more normal calendar of events.

If you are considering running for a position in a committee then please do give it a go! If you are concerned about not knowing enough for the task, then know that you can always reach out to the UDUK committee for advice. If you are having difficulties with your Student’s Union, be mindful that we can help you communicate with them in a productive way. Also do remember that people that in most cases, ex exec members will usually be open to giving advice, which is of course useful given that they might have faced the same issues before. You lose nothing by dropping them a messege even if they have moved on from the university.

Importantly please do remember to let UDUK know who is taking over so we know the best point of communication to ensure membership and league/event registration goes smoothly

Restarting Darts at your University


Stage three of the roadmap includes indoor hospitality and indoor sport. This would seem to be where most universities would allow darts to resume at some level, currently expected on 17th May.

We recommend that you discuss this with your Student’s Union and venue, so you can have a plan ready for a return well ahead of this date. Make sure you can do things as safe as possible by working together on a risk assessment. Obviously, this plan may change but hopefully can be prepared and positive for some darts in summer term. If you can organise a friendly with another university in a safe manner and both SU’s are happy with your plan then we encourage it.

Remember, even if you are vaccinated you can still be a carrier, so should still act in accordance with guidelines.

Please check all regulations from local/national government along with university and students’ union before running any event.


If you are able to resume in some way then remember there is a temporary changes to our regulations.

“Regulation 5.1 – Handshake” Remains suspended at this time
Our recomended replacement practice is a polite thumbs up at the begining and end of matches.


These are stressful and trying timings for everyone, through the wonders of technology we are still able to talk to each other and some of us even play the sport we love. However, if you are struggling, please remember that most university welfare teams are still running, and, you can reach out to them to talk. If you want to speak to someone outside of the university networks, then there is also the Samaritans, who can be reached on 116 123.


As usual if you have any questions or are looking for support with any issues involving university darts then please reach out to the UDUK Committe and we will do what we can to help.