Announcements – Month 2

University Darts UK

Announcements – Month 2

Hello everyone, for some of you your season has already began and for some of you it is about to start!

I wish you well in your freshers events and recruitment. If you would like any support from UDUK regarding newcomer events then please get in touch. we have all been through it a few times and can offer some guidance if you need it.

Membership applications have been processed and invoices for membership fees should be going out by the end of the week.

Target Partnership

I spoke with Target Darts this morning and we are excited to be working together for another year and hope to make it the biggest ever! We will be organising for some target advertising to be made available for venues for league matches. We would love to see some team and joint photos around this advertising to help promote the partnership we have with target. More info on this will be sent out to league captains.

We are also happy to announce that Target will be offering special offer’s to UDUK registered players. To take advantage of this you will have to opt in to a data share by ticking a box during the registration process.

Player Registration

In acordence with the new rules and regulations we will now be requiring players to registrer to comfirm their eligibility to compete.

This will be done by filling out a google form* and including necessary evidence which will usually be:

  • Name
  • Student Number
  • University Email Address
  • University Card Photo/Scan (Front&Back)

Other information may be requried in acordence with the rules and regulations.

Alumni should NOT use this form

Staff players registering to play in the league should use this form but replace student infomation with staff infomation as required.

As mentioned above. You will be asked if you want to opt in to a Data Share with Target during this process. This is totally optional but we encourage it as it will allow you to take advantage of special offers available to UDUK Members!

This google form will be sent out via email to all presidents and captains shortly to be passed on to players.

*A google account is required to fill out this form as it includes uploading files. If this is a problem then please email the required infomation to and we will process the registration manually.


League Standings are now live on the UDUK website for the teams that have entered. There may be one or two late entries but the leagues for the most part are now ready to go. Your league secs will be in touch regarding fixtures etc…

A reminder that you should make sure your home venues comply with the new “Minimum Standard of Facilities” regulations found in the main rules and regulations document of the website. This should not incur any big changes from anyone but is there to ensure fair play at all venues.


NUDL Weekend

7/8th December hosted at the Roger Kirk Centre at University of York!
NUDL weekend will be remaining at home in York as it is well situated and has run the event successfully for the last 3 years!

Expanding NUDL Singles to a 2nd day last year to include UDUK pairs was a great success however this year we are making the pairs a NUDL Pairs competition so all events have the same entry criteria.

We will once again be running a ladies event but it may be integrated with the main event instead of a sepetate event. More details will become available for this soon.

The NUDL Captains Cup will also see a return as a side event during the weekend. It will be a straight knockout event that league captains will be entered into.

All competitions on the weekend will follow the league eligibility criteria (Students & Staff only – NO Alumni)
You will have to be a registered player to compete in this event.
You will if you so choose be able to partner a player from a different university in the pairs as long as they meet the entry criteria.

If you belong to a university that would be in a northern league but does not have a team then you may still be eligible to play but please contact the committee to discuss the matter before buying a ticket.

More infomation and ticketing will be available as soon as possible.

SUDL Singles – TBC

We are working hard to get this event off the ground. We have a few details to iron out before we can make any announcements but it should be happening this side of christmas!

UDUK Big Weekender – TBC

No real information available on this yet other than we are planning to make it BIGGER than ever!
28 Teams already have their spot reserved in the team championships with their membership!

North vs South All Stars Event – TBC

Infomation coming soon!

Charity Work

I am pleased to note that we are joining forces with a new charity this year and there will be an annoucement coming on this very soon!