Announcements – Month 3

University Darts UK

Announcements – Month 3

Hello Everyone,
Its that time of the month where I round up whats happening and release the latest news and announcements!

Firstly I would like to remind you that UDUK is here to help and if you are having difficulties with any part of University Darts then you can contact us and we will do whatever we can to help.

Player Registration

Thanks to all of you that have registered as a UDUK Player already. The first Datashare has now been submitted to Target for those that opted in during the registration process.

A special thank you to the presidents/captains that are assisting in this process and in some cases work out special proceedures for their members.

If you have not registered then please do so as soon as possible, your captain or president has the form. You will need to register to play in leagues and events this year so make sure to get it done.


If you have not heard from your league sec regarding fixtures then drop them a message to make sure everyone is on the same page. In practice each division runs slightly differently so the league sec is usually the best person to answer questions in the first instance.

Rileys University Cup

As I am sure you will have noticed we have now organised the first three events which are:
Lincoln – 26th Oct
Cholton – 10th Nov
Nottingham – 24th Nov

The next 5 events will take place in the new year and announcements will be made once we have venues comfirmed.

After some disucssion we have decided to use the Challonge website to track results for these events. Due to the simple nature of these events Challonge provides an easy solution
You can see our Challonge Account – HERE

SUDL Singles

We can now reveal the details of the very first SUDL Singles
Venue: The Winnie, Exeter
Up to date details will be placed on the SUDL singles event page – HERE

Its been a lot of hard work to get this off the ground and being so far from our usual support networks provided some challenges but we are getting there and it should be a great event!

This event will be open to universities that participate in the SUDL league and also to other universities that are not currently in a league but are in a SUDL Region.

As its its first year we will be keeping to a one day singles tournament only (and a captains cup if we can fit it in there) but hopefully this event will grow in the future and match its sister events success.

NUDL Weekend

A reminder that we are not providing acomadation on campus. If you are planning to come then we recomend that you book early as york in december gets very busy and prices will go up the longer you wait. We are reaching out to some local providers to see if there are any offers they can provide and if there are we will put them on the Event Page – HERE

Ladies Tournament
At current we are going to plan to have an integrated ladies compeition with the best performing ladies being seeded into a bracket, However if there is interest and demand we will add a seperate ladies event on the sunday of the weekend which will take place after the pairs. More details on this will be coming soon.


Ticket Sales should go up soon and details will be made available when they go live however the prices are planned to be:

  • NUDL Singles – £13.25 (same for a third year in a row)
  • NUDL Pairs – £5.50 per person (£11 a pair – same as last years UDUK Pairs)
  • SUDL Singles – £13.25 (Same as its sister event)

Big Weekender

Some progress is being made but nothing new to report as of yet. However I will say that it is our objective to have ticket sales ready by NUDL/SUDL events so we can sell cash tickets at those events for people that would like that option. We hope to have more infomation on this subject soon.

Prize Funds

As usual prize funds and breakdowns will be announced after ticket sales close and all costs are finalsed. Usually this is announced at the same time as the live draw!

Community Articles

A reminder that UDUK accepts community articles for any writers out there.
More details – HERE
Reach out to the committee if you are interested.

I hope everyone has had a great start to the season with recruitment and we look forward to seeing some new and old faces at the events this year!