Announcements – October 2021

University Darts UK

Announcements – October 2021

21/22 UK Universities Darts League

Hopefully those of you in the leagues will have gotten your first league fixture organised. The league fixtures that are on the league republic website should now be finalised. We strongly recommend that fixtures are played within 4 days of the given date, as this gives 2 more weekends for potential rescheduling. If you have scheduling issues and want to reorganise a fixture outside of this timeframe, please let us know ASAP. In most cases, this will not be an issue, but we want to make sure games get played a steady rate so would rather you keep to the time slots where possible.

Players participating in the league must be registered players or their team risks forfeiting points. There is a grace period of 7 days after a fixture for a player to register if you need to make last minute changes. If a team repeatedly has issues with player registrations, additional points may be deducted.

Current Students/Staff Register HERE
Alumni Register HERE

21/22 North West Team Cup

Due to the lack of universities in the North West region we could not run a full league division. However, with a late entry and discussion with the universities, we are proud to announce the North West Team Cup, which will in short be a mini-league. This will give the universities in the region a chance to get playing competitive games against other universities, and, will serve as a base to reintroduce a full league division in the region in the future.

This cup will constitute of the following universities:
Liverpool John Moores

The fixtures for this event are now on our league republic page along with the main league divisions – HERE.


Please check over the rules and regulations to refresh your memory and make sure those that are new have a look through, too.

Please also make sure your league venue meets our requirements.

NB: If your venue has any specific requirements (e.g. Mask whilst playing) then please make sure any visiting team are aware of such regulations a reasonable amount of time before a match.

“Regulation 5.1 – Handshake” Rule Relaxation

This regulation is currently a recommendation however we do understand that some people will still be uneasy with handshakes, so please don’t be offended if someone does not wish to take your handshake. Please just state what you are comfortable with be that a fist bump, elbow tap or just a thumbs up. As long as there is politeness, and, the spirit of the handshake before and after games is maintained, we will not mind. Please just be mindful that everyone will have their own line and we should all do our best to respect that.

This will be reviewed again in the future.

Our full rules and regulations can be found HERE

Fee Structure

We previously announced that the fee structure was to be confirmed and are now ready to announce.
However, due to some regions having slightly different services there will be some small changes made to ensure everyone is treated fairly. However we feel that it is important to announce the general structure in the interest of transparency. The exact costs to each university and deadline will be discussed with the presidents of each club/ society.

Affiliate Member – £15 – (non league/cup unis)
Standard Member – £25 – (1 Team League Unis)
Full Member – £40 – (2 Team League Unis)*

*Additional teams at £10 per team pending UDUK Approval

The fees cover the costs of UDUK overheads such as running costs of the website and email system, as well as pay for trophies for the leagues. Any surplus funds are directed towards our event budgets.

Social Media Channels

We aim to keep all information on this website up to date, but it is also a good idea to follow our social media channels:
Facebook – Leagues


As usual if you have any questions or are looking for support with any issues involving university darts then please reach out to the UDUK Committe and we will do what we can to help.