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University Darts UK

Announcements – September 2021

21/22 UK Universities Darts League After careful deliberation and feedback polling from the club presidents we have decided to allow some alumni participation in the leagues this season. This is to achieve two things:We want those players that felt like they missed out in rounding off their Uni Darts careers to have an opportunity to…
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Announcements – August 2021

There have been no news articles for a couple of months but be assured we are still here and prepping for the next season. Please read through and make sure you are up to date with the plans moving forward. End of 20/21 Season As we are now at the end of the season we…
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Regional League Changes and Rebranding

Please be aware that these changes are planned changed however at current there may be other changes that are specific to the 20/21 season which may be a reduced season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. UDUK have decided to rebrand the league system moving away from the brands of NUDL and SUDL. This is a…
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Announcements – August 2020

We are now in the final month of the UDUK Season so we have some housekeeping to do and some details on how the next season will start. Player Registration Data Deletion In accordance with UDUK’s data protection statement and in complience with Data Protection Laws. By the end of August we will be deleting…
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Announcements – July 2020

Ok so now we are in July and its time for the news. Unfortunately this month comes the time where we have to make some hard decisions about events. Big Weekender 19/20 With a heavy heart we must imform you that this event will not be taking place. This is obviously due to the ongoing…
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Announcements – June 2020

It’s now at the time of the month when we update everyone on the current happenings and developments. There has not been much development but we feel it is still important to let you know that we are still working to make sure University Darts continues and is as good as it can possibly be.…
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Announcements – May 2020

So we are now into May and its time for the latest news and updates. We may all be locked down but we are still in communication with various parties to make sure that we can jump right back into action as soon as we are able to do so. Online Events The Lockdown Series…
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Announcements – April 2020

Hello Everyone, Its time for some updates to what is going on in the University Darts UK Community. Online Events We have Launched the Target UDUK Online Lockdown Series! This allows those with home setups to continue playing darts against others in the UDUK community, I am also aware that a number of universities are…
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COVID-19 Statement