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University Darts UK

Announcements – June 2020

It’s now at the time of the month when we update everyone on the current happenings and developments. There has not been much development but we feel it is still important to let you know that we are still working to make sure University Darts continues and is as good as it can possibly be.…
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Announcements – May 2020

So we are now into May and its time for the latest news and updates. We may all be locked down but we are still in communication with various parties to make sure that we can jump right back into action as soon as we are able to do so. Online Events The Lockdown Series…
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Announcements – April 2020

Hello Everyone, Its time for some updates to what is going on in the University Darts UK Community. Online Events We have Launched the Target UDUK Online Lockdown Series! This allows those with home setups to continue playing darts against others in the UDUK community, I am also aware that a number of universities are…
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COVID-19 Statement

Rileys University Cup – Updates

Today was the final Qualifier for the Rileys University Cup! It was won by Bradley Hutton of UCFB Etihad who beat Adam Davies 5-2 in the final! This completed the lineup with the following qualifiers and the draw was done live from Rileys! so the lineup for finals night is now comfirmed as: The finals…
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Announcements – March(2) 2020

So…. yes we have already had an announcements post this month but because its a busy time we have another post! Big Weekender Status We have had questions from many people about the current status of Big Weekender and what is happening given the progression of the COVID-19 Concern.Our position is currently unchanged from what…
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Announcements – March 2020

Hi all, A little earlier then usual this month as there are a few things to go over and questions to answer in preparation for upcoming events. Rileys University Cup The last chance to qualify for the finals night of the Rileys University Cup is fast upcoming in Chorlton. Following the completion of this qualifing…
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Announcements – February 2020

Its Time for February’s Announcements to let everyone know whats happening in the UDUK Community! Target University Darts League Matches A reminder that the deadline for league matches is Big Weekender. Unless you have made special arrangements otherwise with the league sec/committee. So please make sure to schedule and play your fixtures ASAP! Also please…
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BW Comfirmed Entries So far (11-Feb)

So your wondering who your competition is at Big Weekender?Heres the comfirmed entries so far!If you have bought a ticket and your not on the list it means you are missing event registration and/or player registration forms. Singles Alex Downing Benjamin Clark Curtis Thorpe Daniel Clark David Commander Ed Sandars Eduardo Castaldo Ellis Turner Euan…
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Target UDUK – Big Weekender 2020 – Tickets!

Its finally here! The announcement you have all been waiting for! Tickets are being handled via the UDUK Website this year and this will hopefully simplify things slightly and allow us to quicker address any issues that may crop up.It will also allow you to buy tickets in bulk and fill out ticket infomation for…
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