Big Weekender Updates

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Big Weekender Updates

Just a quick update to answer some questions.

Tickets will become available for purchase at some point this week!

Fantasy Football
It was announced that the leader of the UDUK tantasy football league will get a free ticket to Big Weekender. We can now clarify that not withstanding the exact date of tickets going on sale, the winner of the free ticket will be the person who is on the top of the table on Monday 3rd Febuary.
The winner will be contacted with infomation on how to claim this prize.

Pairs Competition
It is out plan to start the pairs compeititon at aproximatly 1800 on the Friday of the event however some people have been asking how strict this will be as they live/work not far from the venue and they will struggle to make 1800 but can get there soon after.

We can shuffle game orders around on the boards to allow people to be a little late but if you are not in attendence by 1900 then you may be scratched from the draw. also note that if you are turning up a little late then you may need to play games in quick succession to catch up.

We will need to keep the event moving forward so there will become a point where we cannot wait but we will do our best to accommodate everyone.

closer to the time we will put a form out for people to let us know if they may be a little late so we can mark it on the fixture sheets.

Team Event(s)
Comfirmed Student team entries:

Hallam A
Hallam B
Bristol A
Hull A
Manchester A
York A
York B
York C
Loughborough A
Loughborough B
Exeter A
Lancaster A
Lancaster B
Lancaster C
Dundee A
Leeds A
Leeds B
Wembley A
Sheffield A
Trent A
Trent B
Durham A
Newcastle A
Coventry A

If you think you are missing from this list then please contact the committee

Community Team Event teams are now ready for spots to be claimed. this has been made available to the presidents and more infomation on comfimred teams will be available soon