Early 2020 Updates

University Darts UK

Early 2020 Updates

There will probably be a the usual announcement messeges with more infomation next week sometime but I wanted to do an additional post now to review feedback received in the December feedback form and to also to give some BW infomation.

League Eligibility

There has been mixed feedback about the changes to league eligibility this year so want to clear up a few things.
We want to primarily focus on those currently in the university system so took the decision to remove alumni from the league. We beleive this will help newcomers and enocurage recruitment across the country as some teams were pushing the limit and rules previously. The registration system has allowed us to keep a better grip on the rules this year.
We also took the decision after much discussion and requests from multiple universities to allow staff to participate. We feel that staff that are active within the university system should be given this opportunity provided they fall within the paramaters we set out in the rules and regulations. A large part of this decision is based upon accountability. A staff member has a vested interest in not bringing their institution into disrepute.
Staff Rules is something we will reevaluate at the end of the season and decide how to proceed.

NUDL Weekend

In general people were posative about the event but there are a few things to address:

Date of the event is a little late for some universities whom have deadlines and/or exams in december. It also clashed with christmas markeys and the UK Open Snooker in york which made accommodation more expensive. Although despite early date announcement some people did wait until last minute to book accommodation which also increased the price.

In future we may look at moving the event up a few weeks to mid november in future to hopefully lessen the issues that some universities faced.

Providing accommodation for this kind of event is difficult for us to provide and historically also not very popular. The last events that UDUK has provided accommodation for have all undersold in accommodation tickets and been a cost burden on the event. We did reach out to local accommodation providers but they did not want to offer any deals as they knew it would be a busy time for them anyway.

The reduction to 8 matchborads from 16 was a decision made late on in the planning due to less tickets then hoped being sold and it was done to cut the costs of the event. The decision was to reduce matchboards or to cut the prize fund by aproximatly a third. dropping matchboards did give us some flexibility to have a couple of matchbroads and to also try something new in the streaming board which was a great success and something we will hopefully have return in the future.

Whilst the people that played in the pairs enjoyed it it was not as popular as hoped and people are mostly indifferent about it being included at events, in future we will likely not stretch to a 2nd day just to include pairs unless there are also other events taking place on the day.

Rileys Events

The rileys events have been well received and we are looking forward to the next qualifing events to see who completes the lineup for finals day. We understand that these events will not be the top priority on peoples calandars but would really like to see as many people as possible come to them as it is a good opportunity for the community to meet up and have a good time.

Big Weekender

There is not much infomation currently so alot of this is mainly our plans and we will keep you all in the loop as the plans take shape

The big weekender announcement is later then usual this year and the truth of the matter is that we were repeatedly let down by venues and finding a venue of sufficient size within the budget is not an easy task.

York was not the first choice and we are aware that doing multiple events in the same place is not ideal but getting the event off the ground is the most important thing. for those that know york we will be in the Roger Kirk Centre and also in another hall nearby and this will all be combined into a single large licenced area.
Parking on the york campus should not be an issue: the cost of a days parking on the friday is £6 and then sat/sun is free of charge
We recomend that people that are traveling for the event book accommodation as early as possible. This is why we have the date and not much else released yet as we want to give people as much notice as possible to plan travel/accommodation. We do recommend that if you are traveling longer distances that you plan to arrive in york the night before you are competing which will allow you to easily get to the venue in time for a morning start.

Clash with County Darts Fixtures
There has been some concern over the event clashing with County Darts fixtures across the country. Unfortunately due to many factors there is no avoiding this. There is only a finite amount of weekends in the year and we are likely to clash with something no matter where we place our events. We apologise to those that play in the County Darts system for the inconvenience

The plan is to have multiple events across the 3 days some of which will be for current students only and some will be alumni&staff inclusive. more infomation on this will become available as we get it nailed down.
It is likely that the Friday will be more focused on Current students then alumni. This allows alumni to more easily plan around jobs etc.. whilst in general students are a little more flexibile.

We do understand that exact eligibility infomation is something people want sooner rarther then later so people can plan with it in mind. We will release infomation just as soon as we have it comfirmed.

This week we have meetings about security and safety to finalise some of the costs surrounding the events then the committee will have a meeting to finalise the plans. once we have all this in order we will get ticket infomation up ASAP.

As mentioned above we expect to be releasing some more infomation next week. Keep your eyes out for that!