League Finals Day

University Darts UK

21/22 Event

Venue: Spot on Leisure, Loughborough
Venue Address: 17 Kenilworth Ave, Loughborough LE11 4SL
Date: Sunday 24th April 2022

The top team from each of the 4 Divisions will qualify and play off for the League Cup.
The match format will be the league format or very close to it with exact details released closer to the time.
The semi finals will be randomly drawn on the day of the event.

Aproximate timings
1000 – Venue Opens
1200 – Semi Finals Begin
1400-1500 – Finals Begin
1600-1700 – Event officially ends
2300 – Venue Closes

The official Event will be during the afternoon but the venue will remain open so if you want to make a day of it then please feel free to do so.

The venue is quite spacious so spectators are welcome to attend within reason but they should be respectful of the matches going on and the venue.

Venue Notes:
The venue has 8 dartboards so there will be ample room for the matches and practice boards
There is parking available at the venue
The venue is located in a residential area so please be respectful on the way to and from.

20/21 Season

No Event Due to COVID-19

19/20 Season

Event Canceled due to COVID-19

This year the Finals Day for NUDL and The Rileys University Cup will be on the same day and hosted at Rileys Sheffield on Sunday 26th April 2020!

NUDL Finals Day Qualification
The Top team from each of the 3 NUDL divisions will qualify for the NUDL Cup.

The 2nd placed team from each of the 3 NUDL divisions will qualify for the NUDL Plate.

Tiebreaks for qualification will be resolved by:
Wins -> Set Difference -> Head to Head Record -> Team 180’s -> Highest Team Checkout (only 100+ count)

NUDL Finals Day Format
Both Cup and Plate Tournament will consist of a round robin using the standard league format. The Winner shall be the team that has the most wins or the following tiebreak priority:

Wins -> Set Difference -> Head to Head -> 3 Way Bullseye Penalty Shootout*

NUDL Finals Day Order of Play
1st Fixtures (1230)
Cup: York vs NUDL South 1st Place
Plate: NUDL North 2st place vs NUDL South 2st Place

2nd Fixtures (1400)
Cup: Lancaster vs Cup Fixture 1 Loser
Plate: NUDL West 2st place vs Plate Fixture 1 Loser

3rd Fixtures (1530)
Cup: Lancaster vs Cup Fixture 1 Winner
Plate: NUDL West 2st place vs Plate Fixture 1 Winner

*Bullseye Penalty Shootout Explained
Each team will nominate their 6 players in throwing order
Random selection of teams to decide order of throw
Each team will then take it in turns to have their player called up, have 3 practice darts then throw 1 dart for the bullseye. BULL and 25 both count as a “hit” other scores do not (non scoring darts to be rethrown)
After 6 throws each the team with the most “hits” will win
In case of tie then it will be Sudden Death

Rileys University Cup Finals Night
The 8 champions from the qualifing events will be randomly drawn prior to the event and will play Stright Knockout.
Failure to attend may result in prize money being forfeited

More information Available – HERE