Northern University Singles

University Darts UK

Reigning Champion – Ryan O’Connor(Nottingham Trent)

This event is due to replace the calendar slot formally taken by NUDL Singles. It is a large singles event open to all university students in the UK and will be hosting in the north of England.

There will also be a sister event hosted in the south of England. whilst both events are open to everyone this will allow those that cant travel the longer distance to attend at least one event.

NUDL Singles was first introduced and hosted in Sheffield in the 15/16 season it has since moved to a home at York where it was been hosted since.

Information for the 21/22 Season Event!

Venue: Roger Kirk Centre, University of York, YO10 5DD
Date: 20th November 2021
Ticket Cost – £13.50 per person
Ticket Deadline – 15th November 2359
UDUK Shop – Deadline has passed

Sat Nav Postcode: YO10 5DE (whilst not official postcode this brings you to the right entrance of the university)
Car Park: Parking on campus is free on Saturday/Sunday and their is sizable parking facilities right next to the venue
Public Transport
From town/train station the campus bus (Number 66) travels to the York campus and you are best getting off at the “Library Bridge” bus stop and walking across campus from there. If unsure ask someone for directions towards the Roger Kirk Centre
If you ask a local taxi driver to go to “James College, University of York” you will get to the right place on campus

Eligibility and Player Registration
This years event will follow the same eligibility criteria as this seasons leagues. This means you will have to be a registered student/staff player or a registered 1 year alumni player (meaning you met eligibility criteria in 20/21 Season)
Current Students/Staff Register HERE
Alumni Register HERE

Approximate timings

0900 – Venue Opens
1000 – Bar Opens – due to licencing restrictions this cant be pushed earlier
0950 – Registration closes
1000 – Toe the Oche
2000-2200 – Close of event – depending on running time this may fluctuate a bit but we expect it to be around this time

Entry Count is 64 +1 non-confirmed ticket.
The non-confirmed person has been contacted to fix the issue
this will mean we will use a large group format
with all 65 entries turning out it will be 7 groups of 8 and 1 group of 9 (with the group of 9 playing across 2 boards)

There should be a couple of free practice boards however if groups get behind they may get moved to using a practice board as an additional match board.

Group format will be BO3/501 45 dart limit (15 visits)
Throw shall be decided by closest to the bull. if the first player hits 25/50 then the dart shall be removed
the person on the left of the fixture shall throw for the bull first.

Top 4 in group shall progress to Last 32

KO Rounds format will be decided on the day based upon timing restrictions and what makes sense but we will increase for format as soon as practical

The draw will be done by automated system once registration is complete.
This is to ensure that we have as even groups as possible in the case of no shows.

Ladies side event
This year we are not running an entire side event but if there is the interest we will run an integrated event which will see the furthest ladies seeded into an additional knockout.

There has been 5 entries so will likely be a top 4 playing off with the final on stage between semi and final of main event. exact format may be different depending on various factors. Exact details will be available as the day progresses.

UDUK currently has no plans to provide any accommodation directly on or off site. We recommend that you look into booking as early as possible to ensure best value for money.
WARNING: Do not attempt to sleep around the campus without permission. Campus security will remove you and you will be disqualified from any further participation in events.

COVID Notices
We ask that where possible please take a test the day before traveling and if positive then do not come. This whilst not a requirement as we will not be checking is for everyone’s safety.

We will try and have a hand sanitizer station at the door. If we do then please take the time to use it as you arrive.
If you want to be sure hand sanitizer is available we recommend that you bring your own

we will complying with all local/nation regulations at the event. At current this does not limit our plans but should this change further announcements will be made. If people wish to mask up then that is fine. It is not currently a requirement.

Pre and post game handshakes whilst recommended are not required if you would prefer to avoid contact. Just politely let your opponents know.
However we do ask you respect the spirit of the handshake. by saying “good luck” or “well played” etc… and give a friendly thumbs up.

Safety Notices
This is a long day of darts and everyone should remember to look after themselves during the weekend. make sure to sleep, eat and hydrate. If anyone is struggling then they should let one of the organizers know and we can try and help you out.
Remember to pace your alcohol consumption and know your limits.

Security Notices
During the event there will be SIA licenced doorsafe personnel on site for the safety and security of everyone attending the event. These personnel have the power to disqualify people from the event.

Security personnel may choose to conduct bag searches upon entry to the venue. This is mainly to ensure nobody is bringing alcohol with them into the venue so if you have cans in a bag leave them in your car/accommodation. Anybody caught sneaking their own alcohol into the venue may be disqualified and removed.

Illegal Substances
UDUK and the venue have a zero tolerance policy on illegal substances. anybody found in possession or using such substances will be disqualified, removed, banned from future events and it may be reported to the police.

Bar Notice
The venue is a licensed premises and therefore you may NOT bring your own alcohol into the venue. if you are found to be doing this you will be disqualified and removed from the venue.


To those of you that have visited the venue before you will be happy to know that they have scrapped the YOYO payment system in favor of standard card payments.