Online Lockdown Series

University Darts UK

Launching in the 19/20 Season Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic and catering to the demand for online darts whilst the country is on lockdown.

This Event is now over, It may make a return in the future but there are no direct plans for it at this time

19/20 Season

Online Lockdown Series will run from 3rd April until 1st May 2020

During this 5 weeks we will host at least 2 events a week

Wednesdays – Non-Ranking Events
Board cameras will whilst heavily recomended will not be required.
These events will be great for you to learn what the series is all about and also get your camera setup working.
Format: BO7/501 (BO9 Final)

Friday – Ranking Events
The Tour Will consist of 5 events over the 5 weeks and each will award points. The point system will be based on the system the PDC uses at Q School to decide the order of merit
1 Point awarded for each match won after the first full round (prelims dont count) Table Position decided upon: Points –> Legs Won –> Leg Difference.
The top players at the end of the series (8 or 16 depending on entries) will advance to the playoffs which will happen over the weekend of 8th May

Format for all matches: BO9/501 (Playoffs may vary)

you must be able to see the dartboard clearly enough to see were the darts are entering the board. There are always situations where you wont be able to tell for all darts but you should be able to show within a reasnable level of doubt which segment each dart is in when taking darts out 1 at a time.

We cannot guarantee prizes but we will try and put something up for the winner at least.

How it works
Events Start at 1900
Event registration will be handled through the challonge website and the signup link will be posted in the UDUK facebook groups from about 1700 on the day of the event.

Scoring is done via N01 online which also randomly selects a player to have the throw
Voice&Video comms is done by Google Hangouts