Regional Leagues

University Darts UK

UDUK runs The “UK Universities Darts League” which has geographically based divisions across the country. This league system was formally known as the NUDL and SUDL Leagues but they were unified under the new branding for the 20/21 season.

The current league format is:
2 x Trebles BO3/701
3 x Doubles BO3/701
6 x Singles BO3/501

The template for the league match sheet can be downloaded – HERE

League Plans for 20/21 Season

UDUK Leagues at this point are not planned to commence until at January, This decision was made to bring us in line with other university sports following BUCS Guidelines.
This is subject to change if there is a change in circumstances.

League Standings for 19/20 Season

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic all league play has been suspended.

NUDL Divisions have been settled on current standings and SUDL Division has been voided.

NUDL Finals Day has been cancelled.

Target NUDL North

Target NUDL South

Target NUDL West

Target SUDL West

League Standings for 18/19 Season

NUDL North Div 1

NUDL North Div 2

NUDL South