Feedback Results (1 – General)

University Darts UK

Feedback Results (1 – General)

I am conducting a series of feedback forms with club presidents to gain a better understand on how UDUK can best server the majority of universities

There will be a number of general and focused feedback forms going out as we build the framework for the coming season.

A summary of feedback gathered will be published.


After the first round of general feedback forms the following assertions can be made:

Majority of clubs expect membership of 15+

About equal clubs loooking at entering 1 or 2 teams into the leagues

Majority of clubs do not have independant sponsorship deals

The majority of teams are happy with the league format but would like to see some minor changes – focused feedback to follow to find the sweet spot

average happy to travel for league matches is 66 miles – this will be looked into but the priority will be a number of teams in a league

pairs competitions are generally favourable but not overwhelmingly so.

guanteed matches at singles events average answer is 4 (3.7 rounded) however people are generally happy for a lower number of matches with an extended format

Majority of people are indifferent or happy with costs under the system in place last season

Majority of universities did not have an issue with no basic accommodation option but note that in other cities it might be more of an issue – This will be looked into as part of a venue selection process

The average time people would like events to start is 10AM
The average time people would like events to finish is 10:30PM (6PM on final day of event) nobody accepts a later than midnight finish

There are suggestions of expanding to another day to help with timings – furthere focused feedback to follow up

The majority of universities to not see a ladies event as important to them

Dress code opinion is split but due to some comments it may be that some have misunderstood – reword of question in future feedback for clarity

General feedback suggests people are in favour of “student only” tournaments but also want alumni to be part of the flagship event. – further focused feedback to follow