Feedback Results (2 – Leagues)

University Darts UK

Feedback Results (2 – Leagues)

This is the second set of feedback done, this time focusing around the league system and format.

Based upon the feedback and taking into account time considerations of a match. A ballot is being drawn up and a club/society president vote will take place to decide which format will be used for the coming season.

This ballot will have the existing format on it as one of the options. Voting will be using AV to ensure a clear majority decision.

NUDL North will also a vote to decide if they stay as two divisions or merge into a single larger division.

NB: The captains cup is being removed from the league format but will come back at some point in a different incarnation.


After reviewing the feedback the following assertions have been made:

Most universities are agreeable to the current format but think small tweaks could improve it

Various universities feel slightly differently on how the format should be tweaked

The majority of universities like pairs in the format.

The general consensus toward the trebles format is that whilst not ideal, it is something that serves a purpose.