League Eligibility Extension (Staff)

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League Eligibility Extension (Staff)

A big part of this year is the base line of the eligibility criteria changing to be in line with BUCS rules. The primary reason for the direct rule change adoption in the league was remove alumni however an unfortunate casualty of this direct rule change was staff players.

When this is initally discovered it was thought to be a very limited amount of people effected, however I have been contacted by multiple universities asking about staff players. After discussion amongst the league secretaries we have decided to allow the follow extentions to the rules:

The following applies to the leagues and by extension of the leagues NUDL/SUDL Singles:

Current full time members of staff employed by a University or Student Union will be allowed to register and play.

Current part time members of staff employed by a University or Student Union may be allowed to register and play but this will be decided upon a case by case basis.

As with Student Players: The Burden of Proof shall fall on the individual to prove their eligibility to compete.

The main rules and regulations document will soon be updated to reflect these changes.


Edit: Rules and Regulations Document updated and Rule 4.8 currently covers this change.