League Format – Voting Results

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League Format – Voting Results

Following feedback received a ballot was designed to see if club/society presidents could come to a consensus on what if any changes to make to the league format.
The Captains cup has already been removed from the league following negative feedback and will hopefully reappear elsewhere in a different style.

There were 6 format options on an AV Ballot Paper:
There were 14 votes cast, 2 of which were not valid.
In the first round of voting 50% of the vote was to remain with the current format.
After eliminating the 3 least popular options, The votes for remaining with the current format rose to a clear majority of 58.33%

Another Ballor paper was also released for those in the NUDL North Zone to decide if the zone should be 1 division or 2.
There were 7 votes cast, 1 of which were not valid.
100% of the vote was to move to a single division

So the conclusion is that in the coming season:
The leagues will run with the format:
2 x Trebles – BO3/701
3 x Doubles – BO3/701
6 x Singles – BO3/501

NUDL North will move to a single larger division.