University Darts UK

Hall of Fame Appointments

Since the new committee took over we have had many things to take care of but today we do one of the easier things, But one of the most important things for the community. We have shuffled around the way the hall of fame works and split it into 3 categories. Special Recognition for Outstanding…
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League Format – Voting Results

Following feedback received a ballot was designed to see if club/society presidents could come to a consensus on what if any changes to make to the league format.The Captains cup has already been removed from the league following negative feedback and will hopefully reappear elsewhere in a different style. There were 6 format options on…
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BDO World Trophy

I have been contacted by the BDO to help promote the World Trophy event and its qualifier. MK There is a qualifier on Thursday 29th August where four men and two ladies will qualify through to the live event, which starts on Friday 30th! Anyone interested in entering need to pre register at THE…
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Feedback Results (2 – Leagues)

This is the second set of feedback done, this time focusing around the league system and format. Based upon the feedback and taking into account time considerations of a match. A ballot is being drawn up and a club/society president vote will take place to decide which format will be used for the coming season.…
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Feedback Results (1 – General)

I am conducting a series of feedback forms with club presidents to gain a better understand on how UDUK can best server the majority of universities There will be a number of general and focused feedback forms going out as we build the framework for the coming season. A summary of feedback gathered will be…
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New Website

The website is currently being rebuilt and hopefully everything will be working soon