NUDL Weekend / SUDL Singles 19/20 Tickets

University Darts UK

NUDL Weekend / SUDL Singles 19/20 Tickets

With the first major events of the year starting to approach we need to get the tickets online so here they are!

Important Notice

You MUST be a UDUK registered player to participate in these events.

If you purchase a ticket for a person that is not eligible then they will not be allowed to play and you are NOT entitled to refund. however we will take refund requests seriously and deal with them on a case by case basis.

If you wish to transfer a ticket to someone else you MUST contact the UDUK committee:

You must follow all rules and regulations set by UDUK:

Target NUDL Weekend

Venue: Roger Kirk Centre, University of York
Date: 7&8 December 2019

As with previous years we will be using the YUSU Website for ticket sales. The website has changed a little since last year for those whom have used it before but its very simple to use.

IMPORTANT: Please buy tickets using your email address as this will allow us to match your ticket with your player registration.

The costs are:
Singles – £12.50
Pairs – £5.00
Booking fee – £0.75

The booking fee is chaged once per order so if you by both tickets at the same time then you will only pay 1 fee but if you order them seperately then you will have to pay it twice. This booking fee is not received by UDUK or UYDC and is just a cost of the payment system

Please only buy tickets for yourself and using your email address.
Link to tickets: HERE
Bulk buying of tickets is not available.

Target SUDL Singles

Venue: The Winnie, Exeter
Date: 30th November 2019

SUDL Singles tickets are being sold through the brand new UDUK Store which we plan on using more in the future but this is its maiden run.

The ticket cost is £13.25. There are no additional charges or booking fees added to this as they are built into the price for simplicity.

Multiple tickets for different people may be purchased on the same order but you have to add them 1 at a time and input the information for each person when adding it to the cart.
Link to Tickets: HERE

NB: If a university would prefer to order multiple SUDL singles tickets via an invoice from UDUK then we should be able to accommodate you please contact the committee to discuss this: