NUDL Weekend Updates

University Darts UK

NUDL Weekend Updates

A Few updates ahead of the draw to explain how things will be a little different this year. These changes are to help balance the general timings and costs of the events whilst allowing us to try some new things.

There will be some opportunities for feedback after the event to see how we did and what we can look to improve next time.

General Notices

Finding Us
Sat Nav Postcode: YO10 5DE (whilst not official postcode this brings you to the right entrance of the university)
Public Transport: The Number 66 Bus comes from the train station through down and to the university. You are best getting off at the “Library Bridge” stop and walking though campus. Just ask someone to point you toward the Roger Kirk Centre.
Taxi: The RKC is at “James College” at the university and this is probably what a local cab driver will want to know.

Once you Arrive look for “The Lounge” sign and that is the main entrance.
Parking is free over the weekend

Any issues then please messege the UDUK page on facebook and we will try and monitor this as much as possible.

The Bar is cash or YOYO Wallet (an app that allows you to pay with card) but they do NOT accept card payments directly. There is a cash machine in close proximity to the venue but we encourgae people to visit a cash machine enroute in case the one at the venues runs dry. Also you can preinstall YOYO wallet on your phone and it is very simple to use.

Bar should be open from 1000 Both Saturday and Sunday. You are not permitted to bring your own alcohol into the venue and anyone caught doing this may be removed from the venue.

Illegal Substances – UDUK has a zero tolorence policy on Illegal substances and anyone caught in possesion or using them will be removed immediately.

Belongings brough into the venue are done so at the owners own risk. If something goes missing UDUK and the Venue are not liable for any loss. However if something does go missing let us know and we will usually see if theres anything we can do.

Spectators are permitted if you have friends that want to come and watch but they are subject to the same behavior regulations as players and will be removed if they cause any issues.

Used board sales: As usual UDUK will be selling off the used boards at a cost of £5 this will take place on the sunday. you can buy a board at the desk and you will be given it as soon as they become no longer needed for tournament use.
We may also choose to sell a limited number on the saturday but this will be announced on the day.
Surrounds and lights will NOT be for sale at this event.


After a game finishes you should fill out a score sheet with the results and deliver it to the desk (usually there will be a box to drop them in)
Generally the winner of the match should do this sheet but as long as someone does it it doesnt matter.

Please ensure this sheet has the following:

Player Names
Group Number
Stats: legs of 15 darts or less / checkouts of 100+ / 180’s

Any questions or issues should be reported to the desk in the first instance.
Matters of security or safety can also be reported directly to the security staff on duty.

Group Format: BO3/501 SIDO for both singles and groups.

Group Tiebreaks
will be resolved on wins – leg difference – head to head
in the case these are all tied multiways without a cleaer winner then shootouts will be used.
Singles – 9 Dart Shootout
Pairs – 12 Dart Shootout

Saturday – Singles

95 entries will be split into 16 groups – this means 15 groups of 6 and 1 groups of 5.
The top of each group will progress directly to the 2nd round of the knockout.
The 2nd and 3rd places in the groups will playoff to join them.

There will be 8 Matchboards which means there will be 2 sessions.
We will NOT be taking requests for specific sessions.

There will be the usual high check competition which you can opt into during registration for £1 – winner takes all. (please have a pound coin to make life easy for us.)

Morning Session will have registration between 0900-1000 starting as close to 1000 as possible.

Afternoon sessions registration will be open until aproximatly 1300.
We aim to have the afternoon session start at aproximatly 1330.

There will be some practice boards however at the session change if some groups are not yet complete we may require them to move to the practice boards to finish.

We also aim to have a Streaming Board which will be bring those not at the event some of the action throughout the day. Games from the matchboards may be moved to the streaming board at the descrition of the commitee. It is our goal to provide a varied programme throughout the day.

If a game is selected for streaming then you will be informed before the game begins and the players and marker should move to the streaming board. Someone will be there to run the tech so you just need to continue as normal on the different board. However Rule 5.7 of the Rules and Regulations document will apply:

Players are representing the sport of darts and should act in accordance with this. Any misconduct in these situations will be treated as bringing the sport of darts into disrepute.

Integrated Ladies Tournament
The singles will have an integated ladies tournament this can be opted into at the desk during registration for those that self identify in such a way to qualify for this. Furthest ladies will be seeded based upon performence into a seperate knockout in addition to the main knockout.

Admitence to this will be at the discretion of the committee and anyone attempting to make a mockery of this event will be subject to disciplinary procedures. If you feel you have been unfairly treated then please report this to the UDUK Equal Opportunities Officer.

Stage Schedule
Semi Final
Semi Final
Ladies Final

Sunday – Captains Cup / Pairs

Registration will open for pairs from 0900 and the Captains Cup will begin as soon as the participents are present.

Captains Cup Format:
Stright Knockout BO5/501 SIDO

Pairs was scheduled to start at 1030 but there are some travel issues early on sunday that some people have flagged up so we will changing the start time to 1100. This will also hopefully allow captains cup to complete before we start the Pairs. if not pairs will immedietly follow captains cup final.

25 pairs have entered and will be split into 4 groups. 3 of 6 and 1 of 7.
There will be 8 matchboards with 2 assigned to each group. This does mean getting markers may be a little tight to keep the games going but please do your best to keep matches moving.

The top pair in each group will move to the 2nd round with the 2nd/3rd places playing off to join them.

Trophies and Prize Money

There will be trophies awarded to the following:

  • NUDL Singles Winner
  • NUDL Singles Runner Up
  • NUDL Ladies Champion
  • NUDL Pairs Champions (1 each)
  • NUDL Captains Cup

There will be prize money awarded to the the following:

  • NUDL Singles Winner – £250
  • NUDL Singles Runner Up – £125
  • NUDL Singles Semi Finalist – £50
  • NUDL Singles Quarter Finalist – £25
  • NUDL Pairs Winner – £60 Shared
  • NUDL Pairs Runner up – £30 Shared
  • NUDL Pairs Semi Finalist – £20 Shared

As Usual: Trophies will be awared on the day but prize money will NOT as we do not keep it in cash. Those winning prize money will be contacted shortly after the event to start the process of claiming their prize money.