Regional League Changes and Rebranding

University Darts UK

Regional League Changes and Rebranding

Please be aware that these changes are planned changed however at current there may be other changes that are specific to the 20/21 season which may be a reduced season due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

UDUK have decided to rebrand the league system moving away from the brands of NUDL and SUDL. This is a for a few reasons but some include the confusion of to where boundries are and also the perceived seperation of north and south which will now be unified under the new heading of:

UK Universities Darts League


Division names will then adjust to how best descrive the area that they geographically represent. This will hopefully increase clarity to all parties and help promote the leagues.

Facebook Pages

We will be retiring the NUDL and SUDL facebook pages and replacing them with a rebranded page which will be using to promote fixtures and results along with photos from matches that you can send to us for display (subject to review).

We have decided to rebrand the SUDL page so if you already like and follow that page you should automatically update to the new one. If not then you can find the page HERE!

Finals Day

Finals day for the new league system will be unified across the country and will invite the top teams to compete for the throphy. As the size of a finals day is smaller then other bigger events we have some more flexibility on where we can host a finals day so we will be able to select a central venue more easily.


The League format will remain the same with some minor exceptions:

We have dediced to change the league point system:
Historically we have decided position on Wins –> set difference
We will now have a point system and which will award a point to a team for every set won. For example “Team A beat Team B 7 sets to 4” This means Team A gets 7 points and Team B gets 4 points.
In addition to this: the winning team will receive an additional bonus point so using the above example again the final points added to the table will be 8 points for team A and 4 for team B.
The Advantages of this are:

  • Every Set has more meaning and will encourage team support for all sets regardless of current score line
  • Encourages making sure that all fixtures are played before the end of the season
  • Provides UDUK with an addiitonal discipline measure against teams that break regulations in the way of point deductions

We have made the decision to revise rule “4.3.3 Bull Off” We have decided to remove the bull off from the league format and make it so that the away team throw’s first in odd numbered sets. This is consistent with most amateur darts leagues across the country.
This change will hopefully do the following:

  • Ensure that there is fairness across a season in sets with the throw
  • Ensure fairness with the new point system above
  • Even out the “home advantage”
  • Improve smoothness and speed at the start of matches as everyone knows where they stand from the begining

The Rules and Regulations Document has been updated to reflect these changes along with some other small text revisions to improve clarity.

What about NUDL/SUDL Singles?

We plan to keep the regional events but they will change in name and structure. We will look to host an event in both the North and South but participation will not be limited to universities from that area. This means more opportunities and also increased event size in the south.

The scheduling of these events will attempt to better reflect the majority of university terms and exam seasons as best as possible. The current plan is for them to be during terms 1 and 2 and be for current students only.

Having 2 student events opens up the possibility to having different formats for the events and integrating different side events alongside the singles event.

This means that either the event in term 2 wold be close to Big Weekender or we may look at moving Big Weekender to late summer and keep it open to both current students and alumni.

An advantage of moving big weekender to late summer in the 20/21 season is that it would give it the best chance of going ahead as it is further in the future and we dont know when we will be able to host events of that magnitude yet.

Exact plans on how and when these events will be scheduled are still a work in progess but updates will be posted as soon as we have them.

NB: Events in 20/21 Season are likely to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic but we will do our best to ensure there is ample opportunities for university darts players.

What about the NUDL/SUDL Captains Cup

This event is currently scheduled to be discontinued but if we find a way to restructure it in a suitable manner it may make a return.


As usual if you have any questions or are looking for support with any issues involving university darts then please reach out to the UDUK Committe and we will do what we can to help.