Rileys University Cup

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Rileys University Cup

As part of our new affiliation with Rileys this year we are pleased to announce a new series of events known as the Rileys University Cup which will take place at rileys venues across the country.

There will be 8 Qualifing events with the winner from each getting invited to a finals day later in the season, The format for these events will be:

£5 Entry (per event)
Staight Knockout BO7/501 (BO9/501 Final)
No pre-registraion just turn up and pay entry (although if your university is traveling then let us know to expect you in case you are running late)

Finals Day format: TBC

After the main event there may be some other small competitions held on an ad-hoc basis depending on demand and available time (e.g. quick pairs competition). The timings for these events will be targeted at early afternoon start to allow for travel but exact timings may vary between venues.

They will be spread around the county so look out for your closest venue. however should you want to travel to multiple then there is nothing stopping you from doing so.
NB: Someone that has already won a qualifier may not enter another.

The qualifer event locations and dates are still being comfirmed however they will be announced ASAP, we are planning 3 events before christmas and 5 Jan-Mar with finals day to fit in to the calandar where appropriate after the qualifiers have finished.

Prize Fund
There will be a TBD prize fund at the finals day but we will not be offering a monetary prize at the individual qualifiers.

The first event will be announced in the coming days!

After some deliberation we have decided to open this event to not just current students and staff but those that have left university in recent years. If you graduated in the 15/16 Academic year or later you are welcome to join us in these events (4 Year Rule).
NB: As always “The Burden of Proof shall fall on the individual to prove their eligibility to compete.” So please do bring a student card or other evidence such a a photo of your graduation certificate with you to any events attended in case you are asked.
UDUK Registered Players will not have to provide this as long as they registered in good time before the event so they are on the list.

Students from non-UDUK Member universities are also able to join us for these events to come and see what univerity darts is all about!


EDIT: updated infomation about this series of events can now be found – HERE