Target UDUK – Big Weekender 2020 – Tickets!

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Target UDUK – Big Weekender 2020 – Tickets!

Its finally here! The announcement you have all been waiting for!

Tickets are being handled via the UDUK Website this year and this will hopefully simplify things slightly and allow us to quicker address any issues that may crop up.
It will also allow you to buy tickets in bulk and fill out ticket infomation for each individual person you are buying for.

Tickets will be on sale until at least 13th March.

An individual ticket is priced at £18.50 untill the end of febuary as an early bird special. after this it will increase to £23.50. So dont leave it to last minute*
Note: There are no additional transaction fees as they are built into the cost.

For this price you get:
Right to play in eligible Team Event(s)
Right to play in Singles Event
Right to play in Pairs Event

There are also 3 additional options you can add to your ticket:
£1 – Singles Event High Check Pot – Standard high check compeition winner takes all
£2 – Prostate Cancer UK Badge – Support charity by buying a badge
£2 – Prostate Cancer UK Wristband – Support charity by buying a wristband
NB: Prostate Cancer UK Badges/Wristbands will be available to collect at the event.

Once you have bought a ticket you will need to fill some forms to let us know youe intentions. If you are not already a registered player you will need to fill out one of these forms:
Current Student / Current Staff – HERE
Alumni Student / Alumni Staff – HERE

Then you will need to let us know which draws you want to be entered into as we realise that not all players will want to participate in all events.
Event Registration Form

Team Tickets
Team Tickets can also be bought from the website:
Additional student teams for member universities need to be approved by the committee then a special ticket will become available for you to purchase at £25
Non-Member universities student teams are available to purchase at £35
Additional community team tickets are available to purchase at £35

We highly recomend that if you are entering an alumni team that you liase with the current team at your university so you can coordinate whos using what team letter etc…

Ticket Links:
The shop can be found – HERE
Current Student Ticket (STUDENTS ONLY) – HERE
Alumni/Staff Ticket – HERE
Extra Community Team Ticket – HERE
Non-Member Student Team Ticket – HERE

*If you have a legitimate reason for delaying purchase then on a case by case basis we may issue you with a discount code to allow you to purchase at the early bird price for a longer period of time. Please contact the committee for info.