Hall of Fame

University Darts UK

Special Recognition for Outstanding Achievement

These people have Continually performed at a high level in Major Events

Matt Howard(Edge hill) – 3 x UDUK Singles + 3 x Runner up
Alex Harrison(York) – 2 x UDUK Singles + Runner up
Andy Kent(Loughborough) – 2 x UDUK Singles + 2 x NUDL Singles
Dan Adams(Newcastle) – 2 x NUDL Singles + NUDL Pairs + UDUK Singles Semi Finalist

Special Recognition for Outstanding Contribution

These people have dedicated a lot of time and effot to UDUK

Harley Wilkes(York)
Simon Rimington(Lancaster)

Pillars of the Community

These people have been a positive influence on the community and have helped out countless members of the community

Ed McCosh(Sheffield)
Jack Garwood(Nottingham Trent)
Jack Mears(Nottingham)
Rich Forsyth(Nottingham)
George Francis(Sheffield & Leeds)